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Accelerate your intake process

Make collaborative, faster referral decisions for you and your patients.

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Key Benefits

A Smarter Way To Process Referrals

Equip teams with the tools they need for rapid patient referral evaluation and disposition.

Improve patient volume management

Structured workflows better manage high-volume referrals.

Reduce time to disposition

Collaborative tools and referral assignments provide clarity into team member responsibilities, speeding up the intake process and reducing time to disposition.

Grow your organization

Actionable analytics provide context for potential growth opportunities.

Pinpoint team and operational bottlenecks

An overview of queued referrals allows insight into parts of the intake process that can be improved.

Expedite The Path To Care

Concord Care Intake’s collaborative, centralized platform and powerful analytics get patients the care they need faster.

Streamlined Referral Access

  • Review referrals from a digitized queue.
  • Quickly associate patient documentation sent separately from the referral.
  • Effortlessly search for and locate referrals.

Rapid, Transparent Collaboration

  • View all referrals in one place to best prioritize and manage the intake queue.
  • Access patient timelines to see a history of actions taken by intake team members.
  • See patient documents and data all in one place, saving time switching between screens and shuffling through documents.
  • Reduce process interruptions and speed up referral processing with collaborative tools.

Optimize The Intake Process

  • Quickly identify and address temporary bottlenecks to decrease referral loss.
  • Make faster decisions with automatically extracted key patient data.
  • Operational analytics reveal parts of the intake process that need improving.

Data Insights Inform Growth Strategy

  • Identify referring facilities with the highest percentage of accepted referrals.
  • Better understand the types of treatments with the most successful results.
  • Determine the referring sources who are most efficient to work with.

Easy Implementation

No Need to Rip And Replace

Concord Care Intake operates alongside your existing fax infrastructure.

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“Concord Care Intake equips behavioral health intake teams with the tools they need for faster referral processing, and executives with the data and insights to improve operational quality and spur business growth.”
Shawn Brockman

Director of Health Strategy and Applications, Concord Technologies

Why Choose Concord?

Built by healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals.

  • Built by a team of healthcare professionals with decades of first-hand experience

  • 25 years of helping healthcare organizations transmit patient data

  • 5 years automatically extracting patient data

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