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Simplify and manage the intake process – all in one place.

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View The Intake Process All In One Place

Expedite your intake process with a single, digital view of incoming referrals.

A screenshot of the Concord interface
Monitor Progress In Real-Time

Patient timelines and referral notes minimize interruption and promote streamlined team communication.

A screenshot of the Concord interface
Filter Incoming Referrals

Categorized queues provide an at-a-glance view of the status of existing referrals.

A screenshot of the Concord interface
Reduce Workflow Interruptions

Referral assignments allow for better referral organization and an optimized workflow.

Streamline The Intake Process

Refine your intake operation guided by deeper insights.

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Improve your intake operation

Data insights provide clarity on parts of the intake process that may need improving.

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Share performance data with stakeholders

Quick and easy data exports remove the burdensome task of manual data collection.

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Address bottlenecks and avoid referral loss

An overview of active referrals identifies stalled referrals for reassignment or escalation throughout the intake team.

Equip Your Operation For Growth

Harness powerful analytics to better understand and guide your operation.

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Better understand the cause of lost referrals

Lost referral statistics can provide clarity into potential deficiencies in your service.

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Sort lost referrals by deflection code

Lost referrals by deflection code allows for a deeper understanding of lost opportunities.

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Invest wisely in business opportunities

An overview of the referral intake history can direct where to invest time and resources for operation growth.

Supercharge Your Intake Process

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